Behind the Scenes

Working as a behind-the-scenes or “stills” photographer is an entirely different experience to most usual photography jobs. As photographers we naturally tend to take charge of the creative direction, and are used to getting our own way. Working BTS requires you to work within different dynamics, not least of which involves being surrounded by other creatives, each with their own opinions and ideas. Here are some of the best and worst things you can expect whilst shooting behind-the-scenes.



The main difference when you’ve been hired to work as a photographer on someone else’s set is that your needs are secondary to that of the rest of the crew. On an ordinary assignment, I’m used to being responsible for assembling a creative team, overseeing everything from booking in a location, to selecting the subjects, directing the shoot, and so on. When shooting behind the scenes at fashion or short film, that’s not so much the case. Turning up on the day, you can expect to be just one member of a large team of people, most (if not all) of whom you will never have met.


One huge plus side is that somebody else will have done all the groundwork for you. Other than actually shooting and editing, every time I've been enlisted for BTS, I wasn’t required to do any other prep. It has always been a case of arriving ready to shoot whatever I find when I get there. Sure, I love the planning phase of any shoot, but it's always nice to just indulge in the parts of the job I enjoy most without the stress of the pre-production side of things.

Font: Fsstoppers by Jack Alexander

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