Black Chronicles - The Missing Chapter Inspiration

“There’s nothing like a photograph for reminding you about difference. There it is. It stares you ineradicably in the face”Professor Stuart Hall, 2008


National Portrait displayed the Black Chronicles in 2017 with over forty photographs presenting an unique snapshot of black lives and experiences in nineteenth and early twentieth-century Britain. The exhibition was developed in collaboration with Autograph ABP. Autograph ABP is a London-based arts charity that works internationally in photography and film, race, representation, cultural identity and human rights.

These portraits of individuals of African and Asian heritage bear witness to Britain’s imperial history of empire and expansion. They highlight an important and complex black presence in Britain before 1948, a watershed moment when the Empire Windrush brought the first large group of Caribbean immigrants to Britain. Research is ongoing and new information emerges continuously.

Here some photographs I had took at National Portrait in that time. It is time to share!

These photographs have been leaded by the photographer Othello De’Souza Hartley.